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Monday, May 12, 2008

So Sorry

Doubt that it's really my fault
But maybe ...

Dropped the spotty cell service sometime about a year ago.
Then dropped unused long distance service a couple of months ago.
Besides the automated pay process was totally lame

Unable to do it online (because I use Mac's?)
Had to do it by phone

Go through the robo-voice routine, but lame as in when you key in your card number, it reads it back, asking "is this correct"

Then gives you confirm number and repeats "is this correct"?
How the F&%# would I know?

Sprint Nextel Posts Loss and Offers Gloomy Outlook - New York Times:

"Sprint Nextel has received plenty of attention recently for its plans to roll out a new kind of high-speed wireless Internet service. But in light of its earnings report on Monday, some analysts are saying that what it needs more is customers."

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