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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Listened to this on way home this afternoon

Biography Details the 'King of Comics' : NPR:

"In his new biography, Kirby: King of Comics, TV and comics writer Mark Evanier details the life and career of noted comic artist Jack Kirby.

Kirby is the co-creator (with Stan Lee) of the Marvel Comics characters the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk and X-Men. He's also credited with changing the look of the comics in the 1940s, moving away from visuals that aped what was being done in syndicated newspaper strips."

Flashback to mid 60's, part of it was early college time.
Little did I know that my collection of Marvel Comics would be worth something (gave a large stack away to my brother)

I thought at the time that there was "something special" about some of them, Hulk, Thor, Spider Man, Silver Surfer, Doc Strange ...
Well, several have become major motion pictures, not all blockbusters, but some, such as Spiderman have!

I was drawn to the "graphic arts" that broke the mold of the old DC comics.

Sooo a flashback
I don't recall what grade I got, or even if it was more than a pass/fail class
For my term paper, I took a portable tape recorder, got behind the wheel and unloaded maybe an hour of "stream of consciousness" discourse.
I do recall referring to various "comicbook" characters, some mentioned above, throwing them into various philosophical contexts, and archtypes.

All I know is that I passes, I suspect that the professor didn't quite know how to judge it... different media and all.
Because, of course, I just turned in the tape.

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