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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello part two

Harold Ford Jr. ex representative from Tennessee - Dem

Cut taxes, back off on health care, east up on immigration reform and ... address the deficit
Holy Crap, does Pelosi know about this ?

Op-Ed Contributor - Democrats, Get Down to Business - NYTimes.com:

"Here are four simple steps we must take immediately to put us, and the nation, on a better course:

First, cut taxes for businesses — big and small — and find innovative ways to get Americans back to work. We can start by giving any companies that are less than five years old an exemption from payroll taxes for six months; extending the current capital gains and dividend tax rates through 2012; giving permanent tax credits for businesses that invest in research and development; and reducing the top corporate tax rate to 25 percent from 35 percent.

America’s primary job-creating machine — the private sector — needs to be rejuvenated. Democrats must lead now on job creation or risk forfeiting Congressional majorities in November.

Second, we should pass a more focused health reform bill that restructures current health care costs before spending more, prohibits insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, enacts responsible reform on malpractice suits and extends health coverage to all children. And we must allow states to have input into the expansion of health coverage, as they will have to pay for much of the reform themselves.

This program isn’t all that Democrats wanted from health care reform right now, but it’s what the country wants. And it’s what the country can afford.

Third, we should reform our immigration policy to ensure that those who contribute to our economy, especially foreign math and science graduates of American universities, have a clear path to citizenship.

Finally, we need to address budget deficits now rather than waiting for some ideal future economic situation. It’s a good sign that the Obama administration is following the advice of Senators Kent Conrad of North Dakota, Evan Bayh of Indiana and other Democratic fiscal pragmatists who embrace the idea of a bipartisan commission to recommend spending cuts to rein in deficit growth. But we must be sure that the administration and Congress heed the commission’s advice."

Rocket Science works

Until it doesn't

The Quants: Formula for a Meltdown - WSJ.com

Again ... why we need something like Glass Siegle

Hello ...

Chasing the wrong issues

We'll note the Senate vote in Mass.
Independents rule and have ruled the Dems wrong

Op-Ed Columnist - They Still Don’t Get It - NYTimes.com: "While the nation was suffering through the worst economy since the Depression, the Democrats wasted a year squabbling like unruly toddlers over health insurance legislation. No one in his or her right mind could have believed that a workable, efficient, cost-effective system could come out of the monstrously ugly plan that finally emerged from the Senate after long months of shady alliances, disgraceful back-room deals, outlandish payoffs and abject capitulation to the insurance companies and giant pharmaceutical outfits."

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Electric chic gets quicker-straight line

I'll conced that they can have great acceleration
Electric motors develop maximum torque at zero RPM, so of course they should be a blast in a straight line, but then what?
Battery storage = mass, which affects handling
2010 Tesla Roadster Sport: Electric chic gets quicker--it's EV with attitude

"How does it work? As we said, in a straight line, it's thrilling. Launching up on-ramps and into open spaces anywhere traffic allows will make you downright giddy. But with nearly 1,000 pounds of batteries inside, the Tesla understeers in corners. It does so less at lower speeds, and we know that you can make just about anything plow into a corner if you enter it too fast. But as you approach what might be called spirited driving, the car feels all of its 2,723 pounds. If you've driven any of the Lotus roadsters from which the Tesla traces its basic structure, you will really notice the extra weight. But if you haven't, chances are you'll find this to be a sprightly ride. And it's definitely the best-handling electric car in the world."

Bottom line : Physics rules

Saturday, January 02, 2010


Interesting stuff on HSA, turf wars and the like

Seems to confirm my opinion that the TSA is just Kabuki
A shot to make the public think that the government is doing something about air travel safety

The Homeland Secretary’s Job Security - Opinionator Blog - NYTimes.com

Just drop any pretense and profile

Unintended Consequences

Not allowing the market to clear just prolongs the problem

Mortgage Modifications Are Seen as Adding to Housing Woes - NYTimes.com

"Only after banks are forced to acknowledge losses and the real estate market absorbs a now pent-up surge of foreclosed properties will housing prices drop to levels at which enough Americans can afford to buy, he argues.

“Then the carpenters can go back to work,” Mr. Katari said. “The roofers can go back to work, and we start building housing again. If this drips out over the next few years, that whole sector of the economy isn’t going to recover.”