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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Electric chic gets quicker-straight line

I'll conced that they can have great acceleration
Electric motors develop maximum torque at zero RPM, so of course they should be a blast in a straight line, but then what?
Battery storage = mass, which affects handling
2010 Tesla Roadster Sport: Electric chic gets quicker--it's EV with attitude

"How does it work? As we said, in a straight line, it's thrilling. Launching up on-ramps and into open spaces anywhere traffic allows will make you downright giddy. But with nearly 1,000 pounds of batteries inside, the Tesla understeers in corners. It does so less at lower speeds, and we know that you can make just about anything plow into a corner if you enter it too fast. But as you approach what might be called spirited driving, the car feels all of its 2,723 pounds. If you've driven any of the Lotus roadsters from which the Tesla traces its basic structure, you will really notice the extra weight. But if you haven't, chances are you'll find this to be a sprightly ride. And it's definitely the best-handling electric car in the world."

Bottom line : Physics rules

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