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Monday, May 05, 2008

Pondering differences

NYTimes referencing Legends as similar to Pebble Beach

Looney Dunes: Yet more on Legends

Got me thinking this AM ( as the cobwebs were clearing )
What's my personal perception on cars vs motorcycles, and the people who associate with each.

Cars : epitome of car collector/show entrant might be Ralph Lauren. While I've never met Ralph, and likely never will, I don't picture him on a motorcycle.
Cars are fashion, sometimes high fashion, beautiful but as rolling art.

Sometimes the folks who focus on cars are pretentious and posers (not all, but enough)

Motorcycles are kinetic, they are all about motion, action.
You may drive a car, you RIDE a motorcycle.
You can talk on a cellphone, eat, read, fiddle with the radio, even do your makeup while driving, not with a motorcycle.

Motorcycles are tactile, you feel the traction (or lack of), the throttle and brake, you use all of your limbs, and often your weight (shifting to the inside of turns, hanging off the inside).
Cars you steer and use throttle & brake but your butt stays put.

I guess the biggest difference is in the crowds at these shows.
Motorcyclists are passionate and rarely poseurs.
Poseurs soon fall down.
Riders with gray hair may well have fallen down, but they climb back on.

Which brings me to the true dividing line.
Motorcycles are dangerous, you can get hurt.
With cars, you can get hurt, but often as not, you don't.
With cars, you screw up, you bend it, with motorcycles, you screw up, likely you get bent.

Cars are fun, motorcycles are serious

Motorcyclists don't need to declare their passion, it just is.
The crowd at "Legend" was quiet and mutually respectful.
Those of us with some salt & pepper up top know that we all love the same things.

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