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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Goin Local

First local asparagus tonight

Picked up at local grocery ... some stalks thick, so I peeled the "skin" for the lower half of the stalks
Soaked in water while I prepped the steaks, onions, 'shrooms

I've learned to like our asparagus pencil thin to thick as your thumb.

Then tossed in skillet with boiling (beyond boiling) hot grapeseed oil
Splash of white wine and cover
Steam (with the oil) as well as crisp fry them.

We enjoy our neighbors "Empire Asparagus Festival - 5th Annual Empire Asparagus Fest!"

Have you tried Asparagus Brats? How about deep fried Asparagus ?
Don't knock them till you try them

Think local
Think good
Think "snap it"

Oh yeah
Local (well ex local) writer : Jim Harrison ( likely my favorite writer )
Movie Wolf

YouTube - Wolf - Breaking the News to Stewart

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