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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Too busy

To Blog
Got new MacBook Pro, for some reason "migration" software doesn't want to recognize my old 12" so I'm, ever so slowly, pulling apps and files over to the new machine.

Suppose it's just as well, will only pull what I need, most frequently used files are in the cloud anyway (dot.mac)

Updating log-ons as I go, cleaning up passwords, discarding old stuff.
Just checked Northwest, and have topped 1,000,000 miles as of our last trip to London

Now back to transfers


Jack said...

As annoying is that is it won't migrate, I agree with you it forces you to do some spring cleaning...hadn't had to do that in quite some time so there was a TON of garbage on my machine. What forced me to clean it? The arrival of an absurd amount of photos filling up my hard drive:)


nemens said...

Now I know who to call if I need a free ticket somewhere :P