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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Piling On

Links to various pieces on the Clinton's, who appear to fear cheated out of their rightfull return to the White House.

James Fallows (March 05, 2008) - More on Clinton, Obama, and the OODA loop

Gloria Borger:

Hard to Be Happy in Camp Hillary - US News and World Report

Then there's Confronting the Kitchen Sink - New York Times:
"And if there is one thing the Clinton crowd knows how to do, it’s provoke."

Dick Morris:
TheHill.com - It’s over:
"The next time Hillary uses the recycled red phone ad, counter with one of your own. When the phone rings in the middle of the night, have a woman’s voice, with a flat Midwestern accent, answer it and say, “Hold on” into the receiver. Then she should shout, “Bill! It’s for you!”"

and, on the rules of politics

Gary Hart: Breaking the Final Rule - Politics on The Huffington Post:

"One of those rules is this: Do not provide ammunition to the opposition party that can be used to destroy your party's nominee. This is a hyper-truth where the presidential contest is concerned.

By saying that only she and John McCain are qualified to lead the country, particularly in times of crisis, Hillary Clinton has broken that rule, severely damaged the Democratic candidate who may well be the party's nominee, and, perhaps most ominously, revealed the unlimited lengths to which she will go to achieve power. She has essentially said that the Democratic party deserves to lose unless it nominates her."

Well, it makes for interesting theater from here on the sidelines, and I would really like to see a campaign on issues, carried out by reasonable candidates ... McCain & Obama?

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