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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Country living

A bit of reflection.

Around 5AM, sitting in the hot-tub and I was thinking back on city vs country living
Having just visited daughter in London, I was doing some comparisons.

The city (London, Chicago, NYC, any big urban area) offers culture, variety of menus, shopping (when needed)...
But rural spaces offer star filled skies.

This time of year, without the seasonal residents we have a plethora of wildlife.
Couple of days ago, I was, again, in the tub, and as I got out ... there were about a dozen "peeping bambies" (deer) about 30 yards away ... out on the ice.
Lately the deer have been coming by once or twice a day.
Posted a shot of one of our coyote's a bit back.
Red Fox has been coming by as well.

Then there are the skies
We've been getting cloudless days lately
And dark nights
Young moon, so my early AM soaks allow wonderful star gazing
Almost every time, I catch a meteor or two (or more)

All things that would be consider rare to impossible in an urban setting.

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