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Monday, March 10, 2008

The season starts

Besides my own involvement with motorcycle racing, back in the bronze age, I enjoy watching it because, compared to cars, the rider is an integral part of the package.
The rider has to use his body to affect the dynamics, the physics, the balance of the man/machine package.

With cars, even if the driver could move his/her butt (he/she can't) it wouldn't make any difference.

Bikes are cambering machines, they steer by lean as well as slip angles, cars steer by slip only.
And note the small contact patch of the tires.
The rear transmits about 230 HP to the pavement

Photo by Graeme Brown on Superbikeplanet.com

Race was this past weekend in Qatar
Dani Pedrosa on a Honda

(Sheila : this is for Keith and Peter)

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