"History is a wonderful thing, if only it was true"

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Prior Post

Heard the News today... oh boy...

Spent a good bit of the afternoon with Fritz and his lovely wife Tina.

Missed the benefit: Fritz Friends

Guess there were a bunch of folks there
Raised some good money, but not enough

Glad I could spend some "one on one" time with Fritz
Small talk, but also dug into some of the creditor issues

There are some "hard assed" lawyers that deserve a real good butt-kicking
We'll have to see what can be done.

I recalled another scene from past times.

I'd had a rather "uncomfortable" crash
In short, not wearing leathers, riding a friends Kawasaki H2
750 2stroke Triple - real fast, but big time shake machine, at about a hundred the bars buzzed enough to be about 3inched in diameter.
Long story short, the front fender came off (likely the vibration) and grabbed the front tire - bam, on the pavement.
Nothing broken (bones that is) but nasty abrasions ... both palms gone, most of a forearm etc.

Well, Fritz had seen me bandaged up (not too pretty)

About this time, maybe a year or so later, he must have been early teens and was growing and feeling his "oats"

I was visiting the bike shop (his dad Fred worked there)
Fritz jumped me from behind and we did a bit of 'rassel'
Broke off and I walked over to Fred, asked if I could rip into the "kid"
"Go for it"

Went back to Fritz, and calmly mentioned that he must know that I really didn't mind pain and we could 'get serious'

Well ... nothing further happened and all was well.

Just a little message.

Haven't seen as much of Fritz in the last few years, we live north, he's been raising his own family.

My thoughts and prayers are with him and Tina.

While the doctors are amazed that he's still with us, I believe that there is good in being a good person, having positive attitude and taking life as it comes.

Hard to find a better person, loving husband and father.

Pulling for you Fritz

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