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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Not suprising

Growing list of problems I've been having with these folks.

Letting Sr.VP go (along with about 50 others in Mich) while I'm in London, leaving replacement clueless with regards to Line of Credit I was arranging.

Then requests for my tax returns...
But I'm putting money into the bank, and not borrowing.

I've been securing the line.

I'm starting to think that, if anything, they need to show me such things as their capital coverage and portfolio quality.

Zacks Sell List Highlights: Fifth Third Bank, UAL Corp, Circuit City and Sunoco:

"Fifth Third Bank (NASDAQ: FITB: 21.84, -0.98, -4.29%) shares have been in a steady decline for over five years, and the situation has only worsened in the last 6 months as the meltdown in the credit markets has tightened its grip on the financial sector. The company badly missed fourth quarter analyst expectations, posting earnings of seven cents per share against the expected 28 cents. Earnings estimates have been plummeting across the board. Within the last 30 days, 14 of 18 covering analysts have lowered their current-year projections, dropping the consensus estimate by 63 cents to $2.45 per share."

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