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Sunday, March 23, 2008


While I never had a chance to see this other than in photos, I found it fascinating
Pure "car"
No place for a person, just ... itself

Blather from an art magazine?

Artform Magazine:

"With the decline of the horse culture the horse became romantic symbol of the past. Now that the car’s decline and replacement is imminent, we have come to see the private car as an even greater object of nostalgic appeal. It took an artist who grew up in California, where the car has had it s greatest boom, to realize an apotheosis model. Potts’s car was built to be stored in heaven as an epitaph to the car, now that the car must soon cease to exist. The car having matched its waste with man’s own, it may soon be impossible in many places on earth for either men or cars to breathe. I suppose the people still have a veto right, and it will be the car which succumbs first. The message of the apotheosis model becomes; This is how the car could have been if the game had been this honest the first time."

Well that was 1970 and cars are still here

I hadn't thought of it much lately until I was visiting this site :
Ariel Motor Company

This one has room for the driver, and even a passenger

Call it a dose of spring fever ...

Video Here
YouTube - Top Gear: Atom

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