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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Shopping: Women Shop, Men Buy

Story - prior wife, shopping
( visitors please take with grain of salt, maybe a full shaker of salt )
Women Shop
Men Buy

I walked into establishment where I'd bought "formal attire" for many
years, said I need a grey suit, they brought out 3, I picked one
(banker's pinstripe)
Wife (of the time) was put out ... "you haven't shopped"
We visited 1/2 dozen other establishments (BTW - this was not current
wife nor location)
Tried on suits etc etc etc

Went back to orginal establishment - bought first choice.
Women Shop
Men Buy

someone once did a "map" of man vs woman set with a task to buy item in
a "mall"
woman - 3hrs, much wandering (think dumb rat in maze)
man - 15 min - direct to and from vendor, no wandering

Women Shop
Men Buy

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