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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Monkey Business

Monkey Business - New York Times

Capuchin Monkey behavior, when it comes to "Money" looks to be no different than for Homo "Sapiens" (quotes around Sapiens as the sapien part might be in question)

"But these facts remain: When taught to use money, a group of capuchin monkeys responded quite rationally to simple incentives; responded irrationally to risky gambles; failed to save; stole when they could; used money for food and, on occasion, sex. In other words, they behaved a good bit like the creature that most of Chen's more traditional colleagues study: Homo sapiens."

Or is it just that the capuchin's being studied are at Yale? (VBG)


Chen proudly calls himself a behavioral economist, a member of a growing subtribe whose research crosses over into psychology, neuroscience and evolutionary biology.

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