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Monday, May 02, 2005

Print Insists It's Here to Stay

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Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Does this mean that Print really is nervous about the Internet?

Newspapers should be, first eBay cuts into the most lucrative business, classifieds, now Bloggers eat at editorial content. With shrinking readership (Tribune admits that LA Times lowest since the '60's) they should be worried.

Magazines - still a handy form factor.
While I can, and occasionally do, take my laptop to the "library" (john), it's more usual to browse the small stack of magazines there for a quick read.
The argument of "stickiness" appears to be valid for magazines.
"The magazine industry is extremely healthy," said Jay Kirsch, vice president of AdMedia Partners, financial advisers to magazines. "The newsweeklies are in tough shape, but the monthlies and lifestyle and enthusiast magazines are doing fabulously."

For "newsweeklies" I tend to zero in on columnists - could be reading thier blogs instead.
Much of the rest is old news by the time it hits the mailbox/newstand

"...research showed that when people are reading magazines, they are unlikely to be using any other form of media. But when they watch television, listen to the radio or wait to download something from the Internet, they are more likely to be listening, watching or reading something else at the same time."

For advertisers, this might work. Esp. for the "brand awareness" type.

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