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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Economist.com | The future of journalism

Internal Blogrolling
I posted stuff here:
BlogBlog: Economist.com | The future of journalism

and before, here:

BlogBlog: Dan Gilmore on same subject

But Doc had a great comment:

More Rain On A Flatter World Turns The Mainstream Into A Braided River
Killer connect, blogtools and Tom Friedman's Flat World

Braided river:
Braid river description and images

Which caused flashback:
Kicking Horse River : late 60's was hiking in the Canadian Rockies and pitched my tent high up a valley just below the Kicking Horse Pass.
Well above the treeline, pretty exposed, Baniff National Park, the Alberta side of the Continental divide.
Of course, a big old storm came up in the night, flattened my tent, in general taught me a lesson.

I suppose that to bring the analogy full circle, if you are going to camp out in the wilderness, keep an eye on the weather... or some such.

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