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Sunday, May 22, 2005

On Newspapers

hyku | blog - Out with the Old Media in with the New Media - by Josh Hallett:

"Out with the Old Media in with the New Media

I recently had a conversation with a newspaper vet about the changing times within the newspaper business. He echoed the comments I have heard from a number of reporters/editors at a number of papers, the managing editor or publisher just does not get new media. In some cases it's the publisher, in other cases it's the editors.

As new blood comes into the newsroom change is slowly happening, but it needs to be top-down effort to adapt quickly enough. The old-guard does not believe in/or refuses to learn new media. It was then that I made the following observation.

If these editors or publishers were interviewing for their jobs now, they would not be hired.

How is it they still have their jobs then?"


My reaction to all this Journalism stuff.

I recalll years ago, learning from friends in the press, that what I was reading the papers for, in other words "the news" was referred to within the business as "the news hole". That which needed to be filled after all the ad space was filled.

Now this may be a bit of an exaggeration, but essentially covers the point.
The point being to move newsprint ( or electronic images (aka time) ) which was the carrier of ads.

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