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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Indy 500 History in the making ?

NPR : Danica Patrick Aims to Make Indy 500 History:

Didn't see coverage of her qualifying run, but reports that she got out of shape on the first lap, gathered it up and legged it
Qualified 4th despite the mistake!
Last 3 laps were fastest of the entire field.
And she is with a top team.

"Danica Patrick, 23, became an instant celebrity when she qualified for this Sunday's Indianapolis 500, finishing higher than any other woman in the race's history.

Patrick is just the fourth woman to qualify for the 'Greatest Spectacle in Racing' -- but unlike her predecessors, experts say she has a real shot at winning.

Since rookie orientation began on the raceway May 5, Patrick has been among the fastest of drivers. She posted the fastest practice speed at Indy this month -- around 229 miles an hour -- and would have qualified first if not for briefly sliding sideways during her run.

Instead, Patrick settled for fourth in the 33-car field -- the highest qualifier by any woman in the race's 89-year history. But she says she has the experience to reach the front of the field."

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