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Friday, May 27, 2005

Knife Control

British Medical Experts Campaign for Long, Pointy Knife Control - New York Times:
Now this really is "Looney"

"The authors of the editorial argued that the pointed tip is a vestigial feature from less mannered ages, when people used it to spear meat. They said that they interviewed 10 chefs in England, and that 'none gave a reason why the long, pointed knife was essential,' though short, pointed knives were useful.

An American chef, however, disagreed with the proposal. 'This is yet another sign of the coming apocalypse,' said Anthony Bourdain, the executive chef at Les Halles and the author of 'Kitchen Confidential.'

A knife, he said, is a beloved tool of the trade, and not a thing to be shaped by bureaucrats. A chef's relationship with his knives develops over decades of training and work, he said, adding, 'Its weight, its shape - these are all extensions of our arms, and in many ways, our personalities.'

He compared the editorial to efforts to ban unpasteurized cheese. 'Where there is no risk,' he said, 'there is no pleasure.'"

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