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Monday, November 09, 2009

Who Killed the Electric Car?

Maybe, just maybe they just don't work

"The electric car is like a 4,000 pound Chevette with a single cylinder engine and a one gallon gas tank... that takes all night to fill."

Fiat pulls the plug on Chrysler's electric car program -- DailyFinance

"The Fiat decision to scuttle its American subsidiary's electric cars could signal the industry shakeout is already underway. One major problem is the inability of battery makers to bring down prices or increase performance quickly enough to allow the electric roadster to compete on equal footing with the gas slurping status quo. To be fair, Marchionne does plan on making some electric and hybrid cars. But he expects those types of vehicles to total less than three percent of Fiat's total production runs by 2014, a paltry 60,000 or so vehicles. In a nutshell, 440,000 electric cars just died and the toll will likely continue to rise."

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