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Monday, November 23, 2009


Took some time off and posted recollections from "racing daze"

1977 I'd put together a race team, went to Ohio and with combination of planning and a bit of luck started on our way to a National Championship, and Endurance racing at that.
With endurance racing, if it breaks, you fix it, if rider crashes, you fix it.
You keep racing.
Most pavement racing runs from 30 to 60 min, we'd run 3-6-12 hours, even a pair of the ultimates - 24hrs, once around the clock.

Transcriptions and notes: Racing Recollections - Google Docs

1978 we moved into the new AMA Superbike class, modest results, then worked with other riders and teams for a few years, but now had a family and would not spend as much time on the road.

Besides, it's damn hard to top a National Championship.

Later, I was a guest at a SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) dinner, where the keynote speaker was the head of Porsche and he spoke of the importance of racing in teaching values to young engineers.

With winning the only object, you could :
build the best car, but if you couldn't make it to the starting line - NFG
build the fastest car, but if you couldn't make it to the finish line - NFG
Simply - no excuses, no gray, it's black and white - win or loose

You apply yourself, try to anticipate as many contingencies as possible and plan for alternative actions, if something breaks, can you fix it ... quickly?

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