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Monday, November 02, 2009

Dealing with Information

Interview with Esther, who seems to be in the eye of the info-hurricane.

When did you first recognize the power of information?
My brother and I were always trying to one-up each other, and the most devastating thing I could say was that I already knew something he told me.

You were in on the ground floor of the information explosion. Will information continue to grow so rapidly in importance?
That's like asking if energy will continue to grow in importance. It's so true that it's not a very useful statement.

Life in Information, According to Esther Dyson - Leadership and Innovation - EMC:

"How do you manage information?
I have my PC and my cellphone, which now gets e-mail. I don't have a phone at home. I threw out my landline 20 years ago, not because I was replacing it with a cellphone but because I didn't want to be called at home. The message here is: Don't let these things run you. You can always unplug your phone.

But we hate to feel we're missing something. And now there's so much more to miss.

People are trying to make you feel you're missing something. That's called marketing."

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