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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stooper Bowl

Different views of Ads

NYTimes : "Super Bowl Ads of Cartoonish Violence, Perhaps Reflecting Toll of War"

"No commercial that appeared last night during Super Bowl XLI directly addressed Iraq, unlike a patriotic spot for Budweiser beer that ran during the game two years ago. But the ongoing war seemed to linger just below the surface of many of this year’s commercials."

WSJournal : "Super Bowl Advertisers Play It for Laughs"

"Slap-happy men, a celebrity bad boy and a feel-good Coke ad won the game within the game during Super Bowl XLI, impressing ad-industry pros and consumers, and showing once again that humor is the best way to grab viewers' attention during the gridiron classic."

Hey folks, this is Football, big guys bashing each other.
It's not the Olympics.

I tend to lean towards the Journal's side on this one... you watch for something entertaining, not political. I frankly laughed out loud at the Paper-Scissors-Rock one.

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