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Saturday, February 17, 2007


Sunday, the 18th is Chinese New Year, the Year of the Boar (pig), and looking at the astrological calendar(Chinese Year Chart), I guess it's my year (along with several million others.

I would object to the translation "simple minded" ... preferring something like broad minded or polymath, interested in many things rather than just a few.

Astrology - Chinese Zodiac - Pig:

"People born in the year of the pig are steady and resolute in doing things, and honest and warm-hearted to other people. Competent and persistent as they are, they will spare no efforts in fulfilling any job assigned to them.

Though simple-minded, they always have their own opinions. They hope that everything will be peaceful and everyone happy. They can get along well with others because of their leniency and generosity, and they have patience in perfecting themselves and fulfilling their jobs, which makes them good teachers. However, they will fly into a rage when forced to, but they never harbor a grudge and stab another person in the back.

They are always faithful to friends and set a high value on friendship. They have an interest in giving and participating in parties. Besides, they are good peacemakers in others' eyes because of their honesty and trustworthiness."

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Lauren said...

A slighly cuter version from an early baby gift we have received (the baby will be a pig too, of course)

The front of the shirt depicts a pig and the back is printed with a list of pig characteristics: "intelligent and loyal, can't resist naps or bubble baths, curious by nature, can be quick-tempered, but mostly born to please, especially mom."