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Monday, February 05, 2007

Mission accomplished

We have water.

Back story:
Checked the cabin yesterday, mainly because of cold, but also to get out and about.
Little did I know.

Just past noon.
We've got heat "trickled" on, lowest setting possible on propane heater, holds mid to high 40's. Last fall we had the crawlspace "foamed" to insulate, therefore did not drain plumbing.

Well ... no water.
So, drop Shirley off at home, load up gear, run to Traverse City, normally about 20-30 min, now more like 45+ as it was blowing snow, sometimes visiblity down to 100ft, or less.
Make it to Lowe's, stock up on heat tape, Infra-red lamp etc.
Snow not quite knee deep around access panel to crawl, it would get tromped down pretty well.
Tape pipes, back home for zip-ties, extension cords (better one than packed) thermometer, more work in crawl. Pressure in tank, but still no water, crawl in mid 30's... about 4hrs blown out of afternoon.
Wrap up, pack up before game time and keep fingers crossed.

Back this AM... ta-da... we have water, no signs of burst pipes.

Later... will do more of a "tidy" job of it.

Door to Crawlspace


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