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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Where's your Union

I doubted the "cash for clunkers" as not much more than a quick fix gimmic for "Government Motors"
Clear some inventory, maybe juice production some, help the UAW

For used car dealers (as if the breed deserves much sympathy) get left out - they are non-union.

Used-Car Dealers Feel 'Clunkers' Pinch - WSJ.com:

"Michael Darrow, an independent used-car dealer, is still feeling pain from 'Cash for Clunkers.'

During the summer, he was shut out of the popular initiative, which allowed only new-car franchises to participate. Now, the inventory he normally buys at auction is sharply limited, a direct result of Clunkers sending close to 700,000 gas guzzlers to the junkyard. That's driven wholesale prices to new highs at a time when cost-conscious consumers, who sometimes rely on dated information from guide books, aren't paying more."

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