"History is a wonderful thing, if only it was true"

Friday, October 16, 2009

If Only we could

As Wall St. traders seem to have short memories, say less than 10yrs, or since the last debacle, maybe we should apply some genetic engineering.

No more "it's different this time"... because if usually isn't.

Now if we could implant bad memories ...

Science Friday Archives: Creating Memories:

"Researchers have used pulses of light to store the memory of a bad event that never actually happened into the brains of fruit flies. Writing this week in the journal Cell, the researchers describe their success in directly manipulating the activity of individual neurons responsible for associating a certain odor with a bad experience. By introducing chemicals into those neurons when the odor was present, the researchers found that they could produce flies that 'remembered' experiencing an electric shock connected to the odor, although no actual shock was present."

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