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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shameless plug

Full disclosure - I have an interest in RCT

East Lansing - Denton ATD Taps East Lansing-Based Red Cedar Technology's Virtual Design Tools

Ohio-based engineering company Denton ATD is using East Lansing-based Red Cedar Technology software to optimize its virtual crash test dummies design.

Red Cedar Technology is a engineering optimization software and consulting company that accelerates design processes for companies facing engineering challenges.

The Red Cedar Technology designed the HEEDS Professional software that's being used by ATD Design allows engineers to automate their design process. Typically, designers use CAD tools to develop computer models. They then analyze the model, and if the model isn’t correct, they have to manually fix the design until it’s correct.

“The software (HEEDS Professional) replaces the manual iterative process for finding the better design with a mathematically-based process that’s much faster and much more robust and much more intelligent than any engineer could be,” says Red Cedar Technology President Ron Averill.

Red Cedar Technology has 12 employees and, though 2009 has been a bit slow in terms of growth, the company has added one employee.

“We anticipate more rapid growth next year and I think things are starting to pick up,” Averill says.

Source: Ron Averill, Red Cedar Technology

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