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Sunday, May 17, 2009

“Whaddya Give”

Last night : another excellent "play" from Anne Marie
I think it may be her first "musical"

IPR News: Writer Dramatizes History of Empire, MI | Interlochen Public Radio

I had attended the auction about the time we bought what became "home" on the lake.
My memory is that the auction went for two days with 3 simultaneous auctioneers and they indeed had a lot of "stuff"

The performance build wonderfully, with the tension between "need" for things and for relationships

The brothers died bachelors

"...loosely based on the Roen brother’s story. In 1985, two of the five sons of the founding father of the Village of Empire, Andrew Roen, were found dead in their home of natural causes. The home was also stuffed with antiques, cash and unsigned wills. A three-day auction followed netting more than $200,000.

Oomen created her main character by combining the mayor and the auctioneer into one person. As he drives the sales, the objects he sells trigger memories. And the stories portray the brothers at various stages of their lives."

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