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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good insight from Doc on TV

TV is dying

Doc Searls Weblog : Journalism and Net Nativity

My comments :
Good to see a “think piece” from you again.

Quick replies
I rather like the new Newsweek, waited until the weekend, read most of it, and on reflection, it’s a bit like my Sunday routine of : CBS Sunday Morning while cooking and/or eating breakfast.
Other Sunday (non shouting) shows like Face the Nation, Stephanopolus(sp?) and now GPS (Zakaria) … all DVR’d for interruption (commercails) zapping.

Noting that, in general, the ads are well downmarket, Billy Mayes type stuff.

The rest of network TV is back to the wasteland.
Sports will still be compelling to those who follow them, as they are (somewhat) unpredictable.

CNBC works with the DVR well, as well as the mute function.
Slashes reading of WSJournal, even when that is online.
NYTimes is still my go to paper (filters on) as the Economist for weekly.

So many sources are online, from Nouriel Roubini to Kudlow

I’m sure you’ve seen Clay’s Gin, Television, and Social Surplus

Olde TV is dead, the devices may yet be useful, even if the “networks” aren’t

Followed by longer, thoughtful piece from Doc, much from late 90's
Good forethought

Doc Searls Weblog : We’re gonna need a bigger boat

Read it

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