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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Spotted the following this afternoon.
Reminded me of shorting this puppy (Iomega) back in the late 90's 

No real reason for the stock to be over $100

Got on the old Compuserve boards and started asking questions. "Believers" were looney... talking about Gillette model of giving away razors to sell blades.
This company was a short term blip on storage devices, and giving away media to sell players.

EMC Reaches Agreement To Buy Iomega - WSJ.com

"EMC Corp. reached a deal to buy data-storage firm Iomega Corp. for $213 million in cash, scuttling a deal Iomega had made previously with a group of Chinese companies.

The two sides agreed to the deal after EMC sweetened its offer to $3.85 a share. Iomega turned down EMC's original offer of $3.25 a share in mid-March, saying it wasn't enough to overturn a takeover agreement with a consortium led by ExcelStor Great Wall Technology Ltd., which would have given substantial control of the company to the Chinese government."

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