"History is a wonderful thing, if only it was true"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


After Air Force hyping this puppy for everything from ultimate air superiority tool (against who?), to dealing with IED's in Iraq

"Forget the F-22"

The campaign for extra F-22 production is over and lost, says a key general, and leadership must quickly move on to fully embrace the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. “Nobody in [the Bush] administration, nor any of the possible upcoming administrations, is a fan of the F-22. No one.” By comparison, the F-35 still has appeal. “It’s tri-service, more versatile in terms of roles and missions, and a lot cheaper,” he says. “I don’t understand the reluctance of the Air Force to say we’ve lost the battle for more F-22 production. We’ve got 183 Raptors. Let’s use them as best we can and go full-bore toward high-rate production of the F-35.”

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