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Friday, February 22, 2008

Laughing Out Loud

When I spotted this piece, had to post it:
Trading the World for a Cabin in the Woods - New York Times:
"It's my first night in the cabin, and I can’t sleep. The quiet is too loud, as if I were holding a conch shell tight over each ear, and any sounds that do seep through — a wet bulge of snow sliding off a fir tree, the pop of a log in our blazing wood stove — send me tossing and turning, a skittish city mouse in the country."

Guess I'm not a city boy, although we enjoy our "often annual" week or so in Manhattan.

My comparison is to our living on a beautiful lake, surrounded by National Park (Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore) with our high speed cable/wifi internet, but peace and quiet.

Weekends are at our cabin, a few miles away.

We drive to it, it has running water, LP heat as well as the big cozy fireplace, stove and coffeemaker, but no phone, no cable.
Sits next to our 50 acre woodlot, plenty of snowshoe and cross country in winter, hiking around in summer.
Preserved forever via our Conservation Easement with steep slopes, varied ecosystems(wetlands to pines, to hardwoods).

This afternoon looks good for skis or snowshoes and a hike on the frozen lake, all fresh and white.

Evening retreat to the cabin and a bottle of wine.

What a difference

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