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Monday, January 15, 2007

Getting Started

Spending most of the last couple of days doing massive email clean, to be followed (hopefully) with file cleaning.

Anyway,ran across one that helped push me over the edge to get started.

Doc Searls message Jan 31, 2005

Exchange :

Just a good chuckle, thought you'd enjoy
Spotted on CNBC ( rare moment with sound on )

"unstable megalomaniac under enormous pressure"

Handwriting analysis of Bill Gates doodles

Damn - glad no-one gets ahold of mine (VBG)

> Thanks. Doing a blog yet? I'll give you credit for the pointers.
Not yet, but several have been prodding me to do so
A bit slow this time of year ( or is it just today ? )

Also have been looking to do something like it for internal use - within a couple
of my small companies ... also have looked at Twiki's ...

I liked Tom Barnett's comments on repository of ideas

Gettin closer to doing so
Till then, will just feed an occasional snippet to the "Big Dog" of Blogs (G)


And so it goes

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