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Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Bridge Builder

One of my favorite writers, and Esther 's "Daddy"
I fondly remember my few chats at the late great PCForum

The Scientist as Rebel By Freeman Dyson - Books - Review - New York Times:

"In “The Scientist as Rebel,” a new collection of essays (many of them reviews first published in The New York Review of Books), he sounds content with his role as a bridge builder. “Tomonaga and Schwinger had built solid foundations on one side of a river of ignorance,” he writes. “Feynman had built solid foundations on the other side, and my job was to design and build the cantilevers reaching out over the water until they met in the middle.”

Drawing on this instinct for unlikely connections, Dyson has become one of science’s most eloquent interpreters."

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