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Friday, November 10, 2006

Open Letter to the Voters of Leelanau County

Buck Fever?
The Buck stops … there… not here
Well neighbors, the majority of you seemed to have decided to pass the buck.
You had that big old multi point in your cross-hairs, but missed, maybe you shot yourself in the foot, and now need 9-11 and North Flight.
Buck fever?
By about By 6 to 4 you decided to raise your property taxes and send your income taxes elsewhere.

By voting down Farmland Preservation, you have voted for development, sprawl (some have a better term: splatter), traffic and taxes.

Make no mistake, development will raise your taxes.
Cows don’t call 9-11, people do.

Furthermore, by turning down the chance to get State and Federal matching funds (not to mention private foundation funds), you should remember that each year, when you write that check to State of Michigan and the one to the US Treasury, that you are saying “go ahead, send my money downstate, or send my money to California, I don’t really want any of it to come back to my backyard”.

Am I mad?
Yup, you betcha…

The opponents of this measure stooped to deceit and misinformation, but then again, it’s just an election, why be truthful?
Guess they scared you right out of your pocketbook.

Let’s go for the gusto, build public palaces and pave the countryside, we can afford it. Good guess is $475+ per head for the Courthouse.
When was the last time you went to the Courthouse?
Was it worth it?
When was the last time you enjoyed a bit of open space here in our County?
Was it worth … something?

Just don’t complain about future property tax hikes, you asked for them…

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