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Monday, March 21, 2005


A few notes from PC Forum

Sunday was launch
Shirley off with rental car to do some shopping/sightseeing
I showed up at registration at 10:15

Registration at 11:00
Noted that the website had it as 10:00 ... bingo, updated on the fly
That was the first "troubleshooting"

So ... got going
Note : the "travel bags"
Bright red, plastic things

Various comments, such as "for once, when my wife wants to take the bag, I won't argue"
"Where're the guys bags?"
"women asking where are the makeup kits?"
"Barbie Bags"

Will try to get photo later

More "troubleshooting"
Intronetwork.com - was given demo, looks like intersting product
But, during afternoon session, tried repeadly to upload my image (for ID)
Repeated failures - someone else's mug kept showing up - always the same scruffy guy
Not this scruffy guy...

Ran into co-founder(s) in lobby
Walked through the same proceedure
Tried from dot-mac file, from my own machine hosted file - same
"Gold Star" for finding a bug ...

They also have some layout/ergonomics issues

Fixed today

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