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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Change in the News Cycle

This posting is pretty much a placeholder for ideas that need to be fleshed out later

US Election over
Iraqi Election held and sorting out
"Insurgent" attacks on Iraqi's more than "occupation troops"
Sharon and Abbas talking
Syria on it's way out of Lebanon
Mubarack(sp?)gets the message from Condi and calls for elections

Evening ( and morning ) news shifts back to :
Weather in California, Snowstorms in the East, Sinkholes in Fla. ( acts of nature )
Serial killers ... again, act of nature ? ( bad human nature )
Martha ( act of entertainment nature - a la The Donald )
and ...
Wacko Jacko ( weird human (?) nature )

So we've moved from politics and policy, the debate on the "Bush Doctrine" in the Middle East to ... Entertainment Tonight

Cue up "Happy Days are Here Again"

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