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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reflections on following the news

I guess it started early

I vaguely remember my mother following the Army McCarthy hearings - which would have been '54
Also, undated memories of going to the MSU Union with my father to watch coverage of news, likely Korea

But between '54 and '72 it was likely only the 15 min evening news - Huntley Brinkley and the like
When at Oberlin, I would drop by the campus radio station to read the newswires (either UPI or AP, I don't recall which)
Kennedy assination(s), but that was just a few days, protests of 68, again spotty

Then we had Watergate - and moved towards 24-7 coverage
CNN launches in '80, by then I was following FNN (morphed to CNBC)

Today we follow Cairo via FaceBook

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