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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Electric Car Hooey

Internal Combustion Engines Are Still 85% Inefficient : CleanTechnica

So what?
Pretending that EV's are clean are a mistake as are the assumptions about efficiency

My comments (awaiting moderation)

EV only twice as efficient, until you consider generation and transmission losses.

Now let’s consider the rest:
Idling – that can be solved, some by traffic control, some by “instant on” controls.
Also there are variable displacement engines – shut off cylinders when not needed.

Regenerative braking – which I like with Hybrids

Drivetrain – maybe EV can be a bit better, if you place motors in hubs (but then you have nasty suspension issues – unsprung weight is bad)

Rolling resistance – tires – trade off of traction vs rolling resistance, AND proper inflation is major issue – moot

Air resistance applies to all vehicles – moot
Stereo, A/C etc also applies to all – moot

Lets now look at the energy to make the batteries, disposal, carrying excess weight of batteries when partially discharged.

Conclusion – inconclusive

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