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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Air Force issues

Using this as a placeholder for some ideas


Chief Scientist Werner Dahm says could provide disproportionate advantage for the Air Force

The new U.S. Air Force Technology Horizons study contains a list of 30 “potential capability areas”. The top 10 are:

  • Inherently intrusion-resilient cyber-systems.
  • Automated cyber-vulnerability assessments.
  • Decision-quality prediction of behavior.
  • Augmentation of human performance.
  • Constructive environments for discovery and training.
  • Adaptive, flexibly autonomous systems.
  • Frequency-agile spectrum utilization.
  • Dominant-spectrum warfare operations.
  • Precision navigation/timing in GPS-denied environments.
  • Next-generation, high-bandwidth communications.
Dahm also recommends that the Air Force establish four "grand challenges" to focus industry on developing technology that can integrate with legacy systems to achieve these goals: inherently intrusion-resilient cyber-networks; trusted highly autonomous decision-making systems; fractionated, composable, survivable, autonomous systems; and hyper-precision aerial delivery in difficult environments.

Aviation Week & Space Technology (July 19, 2010 issue)

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