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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Concerns about Washington's drift

Do the Democrats favor big business because it's easier to manage?

Fact And Comment - Forbes.com:

"Under the corporatist state, private companies exist but take their direction from government. Competition is seen as wasteful and destructive and therefore must be 'managed.' There is a basic hostility toward small businesses precisely because there are so many of them, making them harder to regulate and more apt to do things without government permission."

Now, with an apparent limit to government debt, or at least serious concerns about deficits, and with consumers, rightfully, retrenching, we need the business sector to invest.
But with the consumer re-capitalising their balance sheets, and slow or slowing growth abroad, business is cautious.
Layer on uncertainty about taxation and regulatory policy, and business will not invest.

Then we have a recess appointment of new head of Health Care

Why a recess appointment?
Rationing heath care?

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