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Thursday, May 13, 2010


A few days ago I questioned the politicians (like John Kerry) and the News media on the spill.

Now we find that maybe the Federal Government continues to cook the books.

Ronald Reagan: "Trust but Verify"

Calculations of Gulf Spill Size Are Questioned - NYTimes.com:
"Ian R. MacDonald, an oceanographer at Florida State University who is an expert in the analysis of oil slicks, said he had made his own rough calculations using satellite imagery. They suggested that the leak could “easily be four or five times” the government estimate, he said.

“The government has a responsibility to get good numbers,” Dr. MacDonald said. “If it’s beyond their technical capability, the whole world is ready to help them.”

Scientists said that the size of the spill was directly related to the amount of damage it would do in the ocean and onshore, and that calculating it accurately was important for that reason."

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