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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cave man vs nerd?

The Neanderthal genome: A cave man blinking in the light | The Economist:

So what does this mean:

"By comparing the DNA of Africans (whose ancestors could not have crossbred with Neanderthals, since they did not overlap with them) and various Eurasians (whose ancestors could have crossbred with Neanderthals), Dr Paabo has shown that Eurasians are between 1% and 4% Neanderthal.

That is intriguing. It shows that even after several hundred thousand years of separation, the two species were interfertile. It is curious, though, that no Neanderthal mitochondrial DNA has turned up in modern humans, since the usual pattern of invasion, in historical times anyway, is for the invaders’ males to mate with the invaded’s females."

Homo Sapiens invade, but don't go for the cave girls or ... however, some of the homo sapien females go for the "cavemen" ... the guys that need to shave their backs

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