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Sunday, April 04, 2010

What can Europe Do?

Follow up to the "Brilliant Idea" post on Euro-idea of "no growth"

Europe is fighting a loosing battle with demographics (they are getting old), and rising powers just "don't care" ... or worse.

"John Hulsman, an American writer on foreign policy, recently noted that rising powers such as China, Russia, India and Brazil are, if anything, even more hostile to the idea of binding rules or treaties that impinge on their sovereignty than the Americans are. Citizens of these powers “see much of the current international architecture as a confidence trick designed to keep their country from assuming its proper place in the world,” Mr Hulsman commented."

Charlemagne: Foreign-policy wisdom and folly | The Economist:

"Here are some unglamorous things that Europe can do to count in this new world. Stick to the rule of law: being predictable is a source of strength. Whether negotiating free-trade pacts, or the accession of such neighbours as Turkey, the EU bureaucracy is designed to keep making the same demands, over and over again. Foreign partners that comply know their rewards will be market access, entry to the EU and so on. Above all, stay rich: so Europe must find new sources of growth. It does not matter whether a declining Europe speaks with dozens of voices or one: nobody will listen."

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