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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Important invstment thinking

Not bonds, but Equities
Maybe better yet is to operate a small business, with local orientation.

Food distribution makes sense.

Pimco's New Normal - Forbes.com:

"These days Gross and El-Erian are singing from the same songbook. The name of the tune is 'The New Normal,' a term that Gross coined last March and that just might define the economic landscape for years, or decades, to come. 'When the U.S. and global economy reset after the crisis, [the global economy] will look different,' says El-Erian. 'This has implications for investment strategies, how you run a business and what you offer your clients.'

According to the Pimco party line, those implications are rather grim for the U.S. A year ago Gross told Forbes that our future will likely include a lowered living standard, high unemployment, stagnant corporate profits, heavy government intervention in the economy and disappointing equity returns. Nor, with interest rates already low, can investors expect much from bonds, other than their mediocre coupons."

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