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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Toyota - it's not really our fault

It's the floor mats, it's the American sub-contractor's pedal.
Well, maybe not.
Maybe it's faulty software - and THAT indeed is a problem.

"The sticky accelerator is definitely a distraction and may not be the whole story," said Rebecca Lindland, an automotive analyst at IHS Global Insight. Toyota is "addressing some of the problem. I do think that the industry in general is questioning whether they are addressing all of the problems and the right problems."

Pedal Maker Says It's Not to Blame - WSJ.com: "Government regulators now believe that more than a third of the vehicles involved in two massive recalls at Toyota Motor Corp. have no apparent connection to uncontrolled acceleration linked to hundreds of reports of serious crashes and more than a dozen fatal accidents.

The gas pedals in question get stuck only at low speeds close to idle, according to CTS Corp., the Indiana-based maker of the pedals. A federal official who was briefed on the matter confirmed the problem occurs when vehicles are moving at low speeds and isn't believed to make cars accelerate out of control."

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