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Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Toyota stuff

While I suspect that the company indeed has some problems, likely on the systems/software side, the press has a history of sensationalizing supposed defects... at least back to the Audi 5000 "unintended acceleration" BS

The Real Scandal Behind the Toyota Recall - BusinessWeek

But the press is not responsible, all they need to do is sell ads/ad time.

Note that once upon a time, I watched 60 Min on CBS, until they ran the Audi story - and it was such obvious BS.

Try this experiment - best to do it in a dry parking lot, with no other cars around - in case you screw up.
Stand on the break pedal with your left foot, and try to accelerate with your right - bet you don't launch like a bat out of hell ... this was the situation that Audi was accused of.
Simple answer - drivers were confused as to what pedal they were pressing.

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