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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Smackdown ?

It's all about advertising anyway
For Comedy channel, CNBC ... and NYTimes
Anyone who follows Cramer for deep insight is making a mistake

I'll listen from time to time for tidbits, but not deep thinking.
And for Stewart's idea that cable news/financial channels should be gatekeepers of veracity and insight ... ah well.

I guess it patterns to the idea that so many get their "news" from John Stewart !

The TV Watch - High Noon on the Set - Jim Cramer vs. Jon Stewart - NYTimes.com:

"Part of Mr. Stewart’s frustration may stem from the fact that while he clearly won the debate, Mr. Cramer and CNBC stood to profit from the encounter. In today’s television news market, that cable network and its stars are like the financiers they cover: media short-sellers trading shamelessly on publicity, good or bad, so long as it drives up ratings. There isn’t enough regulation on Wall Street, and there’s hardly any accountability on cable news: it’s a 24-hour star system in which opinions — and showmanship — matter more than facts."

Addemdum - George Will on ABC with George Stephanoplis: "you don't take financial advice from someone who's yelling..."

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